How She came to us after 77 years.

  1.  We were in Bombay(now) Mumbai.
  2. We  lived in Matunga.Image result for srirajarajeshwari photoImage result for srirajarajeshwari photo
  3. My father was working in an Electrical company.
  4. I used to go to school there.
  5. .I used to take my sister and brother to Kabuthar Khana( pigeons corner).
  6. .We used to enjoy the birds eating,flying and making noise.
  7. In our house, we had a SRIRAJARAJESHWARI PHOTO,which our father and mother used to pray.
  8. After a gap of  77 years, My nephew met someone in Chennai  and he was wonder stuck when he went to someone’s house for  visit, the lady of the house asked him whether he is related to my father.
  9. He said that he is his grandson.
  10. She was so happy ,she brought the real picture of the Goddess  which my parents prayed.
  11. A photocopy of that came to me and I have it my pooja room
  12. .I sincerely and heartily THANK THE GODDESS SRIRAJARAJESHWARI TO COME AND stay in our Pooja room
  13. .It is still a wonder how this picture after 77 years came to us.

ThiruAnna Malai- Adi Annamalai

Visit Adi Annamalai- worship with sincerity the Goddesses Abithakuchalambal and Gaja Laxmi And Lord Annamalai.Give alms what you can,offer food if you can,offer new clothes if you can or pray for all who are in need ,you wishes will be granted.Make a promise to have Giri Pradakshnaa  ,keep up the promise,you will get what you want.Belief, trust and Act will bring fruits.Blessings and best wishes.